Mountain Biking Videos


Videos of myself and friends mountainbiking around the world, mostly from before the days of such useful tools as GoPro and similar, so a variety of improvised camera techniques were used.


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Note that the .exe files are self playing bink videos for Windows. They willl hopefully be replaced once I have time to reencode them.

File Gallery: Mountainbike

Filename Name Description Size
Alex_Hemlock_1.exe Alex at Hemlock Stone Ancient footage from Hemlock Stone in Nottingham in self-playing Bink (Windows only) 21.11 MB
Betwys.exe Betwys Ancient footage from Betwys-y-Coed in Snowdonia. Self-playing Bink (Windows only) 23.17 MB
BUSA2007XC.avi BUSA 2007 Cross Country Video from near the finish line of the BUSA 2007 Cross country mountain bike race, featuring University of Leeds riders. 28.07 MB
chamonixshoulder.avi Chamonix Shouldercam Footage from a camera strapped to the shoulder of my bag on the Planpraz (Brevent) descent in Chamonix, Haute-Savoy. 57.60 MB
Coed-y-brenin.exe Coed Y Brenin A snowy day in Coed-Y-Brenin, snowdonia. Self-playing bink video (Windows only) 41.30 MB
giag.avi Give it a Go University of Leeds cyclling Club's Mountain Biking give-it-a-go session in Meanwood. 25.88 MB
Matthew_Hemlock_1.exe Matthew at Hemlock Stone Ancient footage from Hemlock Stone in Nottingham.
Self-playing bink video (Windows only)
21.05 MB
meanwood1.avi Meanwood Headcam footage from a few descents on a winter's day in Meanwood, Leeds. 89.83 MB
ontheboards.avi On The Boards Headcam footage from the boardwalks at Grizedale Forest, Cumbira. 39.72 MB
nidderdale.exe Pindale Some tricky descending down in to Pindale, Derbyshire. 26.62 MB
hemlock2.exe Return to Hemlock A few more riders hit up Hemlock Stone. Self-playing Bink (Windows only) 13.30 MB
Slickrock.avi Slickrock Mostly headcam footage of riding some Andalucian slickrock. 87.08 MB
EWOK.exe The Ewok Village University of Leeds riders at the Ewok Village in Glentress, Scotland. Self-playing Bink (Windows only) 45.11 MB
HolyTrail.avi The Holy Trail The Holy Trail in Andulucia. Head camera footage of 11 minutes of awesome singletrack descent. 355.80 MB
PetitBalcon.avi The Petit Balcon Helmet Camera footage of downhill sections of the Petit Balcon Nord, Chamonix, Haute Savoy 253.25 MB