Planetside Videos


Collected here are various videos made in the MMOFPS Planetside 2, a game which manages a scale of combat quite unmatched by any other FPS. Most of these videos were produced as part of, and with the cooperation of Rock Planet Shotgun, the outfit (team) for the community of Rock Paper Shotgun.


Silly Mondays

Probably the most abidingly popular collection, this are videos from a semi-regular outfit night, SIlly Mondays, where the outfit gathered to play the game unconventionally.

Here is a full playlist of all the videos made (not all activities undertaken made for worthwhile video

And this one is a highlights reel - the most entertaining bits from all the above in one video

Hit the Crown, Win the Crown

Back when The Crown was still one of the toughest and most fiercly contested bases on the map, this is the day that RPS swung by with a full platoon and dominated it.

Call to Arms

The "Call to Arms" events were when readers of the main RPS site were called upon to join the Planetside Outfit for an afternoon/evening. Peak players online varied between 120-300 depending on the event. I collected video at a couple of them, although it was always hard to be in the right place to capture the full scale.

Here is the 9/05/2013 CTA

And the much, much better video from Call to Arms 5 - there are some really big scale fights caught here.

The Vanu Drop

A collection of Galaxy Drops - (hopefullly) precision insertions of paratroopers on to locations. They're good fun, and look cool, especially with everyone decked up in purple (or giraffe).


Battle for Onatha Biolab

In contrast to most of my videos, which are haviily edited to create something of a "music video", this is a largley unedited (except to cut out bits where I'm just waiting dead on the floor) video of one entire battle for a major obective - a biolab facility.


Purple Giraffe Stampede

Collection of clips from various RPS nights when we had lots of people on. One of my earlier PS2 videos and not that great.


Run NC Run

From the RPS oraganised Nanite of the Living dead, we see a bunch of shotgun-armed NC "survivors" fleeing a horde of VS "Zombies". Created with the aid of the observer cam, which does give some great sweeping shots.



Download the "original" h264 encoded videos, seperated from some of the weird stuff that youtube does to it. At the time of writing, there are many missing from here, but I'll try to get them all up in the long term.

File Gallery: Planetside Videos

Filename Name Description Size
cta 5 2.mp4 A Call To Arms 5 A Call to Arms are events when the main Rock Paper Shotgun website calls hundereds of readers to fight in Planetside 2. This is the video from the fifth such event 356.45 MB
CTA montage.mp4 CTA Montage Call to Arms are events when the main Rock Paper Shotgun website calls hundereds of readers to fight in Planetside 2. This is the video from one of the earlier events, and isn't particulary good. 170.23 MB
GiraffeStampede.mp4 Giraffe Stampede An early Planetside 2 montage, from events where [RPS] was pulling a platoon or so of people. 350.81 MB
sillymonday7.mp4 Si77ly Monday Singing, the Battle Gal march, Sunderer grand tour, teaching a Magrider to fly 288.34 MB
SillyMonday1.mp4 Silly Monday The first SIlly Monday.
Galaxy Swarms, Flash rushes, Galaxy Hedgehogs
257.99 MB
sillymonday2.mp4 Silly Monday 2: Lasher Boogaloo Circling the wagons, Scythe pileups, and the Biolab Disco. 213.65 MB
sillymonday4.mp4 Silly Monday Goes Fourth Perhaps the most famous of the Silly Mondays. Galay bridges, flash tricks 164.05 MB
sillymonday3.mp4 Silly Monday The Third Sneaky giraffes, Galaxy Surfing 101.39 MB
sillymonday9.mp4 Silly Monday: 9ves Knfie arena, Galaxy wrestling, Scythes do the conga 319.95 MB
sillymonday8.mp4 Silly Monday: Clips of Eight Galaxy bridges, sky diving, the rebirth of Disco. 237.51 MB
sillymonday5.mp4 Silly Monday: Episode V: Indar Strikes Back Follow the leader is Scythes, Sunderer blobs, Galaxy racing 458.28 MB
sillymonday6.mp4 Silly Monday: The Joy of Six More singing, flash teams, and a campfire by the (TR) warpgate. 159.39 MB
purplerain.mp4 The Vanu Drop A video dedicated to the music of Prince and the art of Galaxy Dropping 475.41 MB