Rollz is a maze/platform game, where the player controls a ball (that can jump) as they explore simple 3D environments, with a selection of physics tools, springboards and fans. It features a level editor to let players make their own custom levels for the game, which can be exported and shared as XML files.

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Gamepad/Arrow Keys/WASD to move.
Fire 1/Control to jump.
Find your way to the target tile to complete the level.
Escape to bring up the menu


There are downloadable versions for Windows and OSX, or more limited web versions on Kongregate and this site.



Build 9

  • Added checkpoint tile
  • Added checkpoints to several existing levels
  • Edited "Fly with the wind" to be possible
  • Modified tutorial to include checkpoints
  • Fixed bugs that meant that only the first level in the list could be loaded for both "play custom level" and the level editor.
  • Added an all new procedural generation system
  • Tweaked the physics on the ball and surfaces a little.
  • Did some minor code cleaning
  • Added sounds

Build 8

  • Added Tutorial
  • Removed Procdural Levels (may return if they can generate anything interesting)
  • Rewrote jump code AGAIN, much better now.

Build 7

  • Completely revamped jumping, the ball can now jump off almost any tile.
  • Added fan and raised fan tiles
  • Added level "Fly with the Wind"
  • Added level "Blown Away"
  • Improved user interface for saving and loading custom maps
  • Disabled custom maps on Webplayer for time being (They weren't working anyway)

Build 6

  • Fixed texturing on ramps (could maybe still be improve slightyly)
  • Added launcher tiles
  • Added new functions to editor * "Clear" and "Fill"
  • Added level "Twist and pop"
  • Added level "Pinball"

Build 5

  • Added Ramps
  • Added Direction Controls to editor
  • Made Quit buttons not appear in web player
  • Added level "Roller Coaster"
  • Added level "Up and down"
  • Fixed some level editor bugs